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Understanding the divergence in EROI for solar PV

  Some analyses calculate an EROI for solar PV of 60:1 or higher, while some calculate a much lower EROI, in one recent case, less than 1:1. The casual observer could be forgiven for wondering what's going on. Since there is such a wide divergence, the default...

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Renewables and reactive power

  A transition to higher penetration renewables is going to require much more attention to electricity networks. Most of the generator ancillary services have been essentially built into systems by virtue of using large synchronous generators. An earlier post explored...

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The EROI of global food production

  Glaub and Hall have an interesting analysis of the EROI of hunter-gatherers. Despite humans being generally smaller, slower, and weaker than most large mammals, humans were successful hunters long before the invention of sophisticated weaponry. This was achieved by...

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China is building a series of bases and ports to guarantee safe passage for oil shipments from Persian Gulf to China.
My colleague Matt Mushalik has a new post "Peak oil in Asia Pacific"
#OOTT #oilandgas #oil #WTI #CrudeOil #fintwit #OPEC

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